Dear Valued Customer,

The team at IRL send our best wishes to everyone and do hope you are all fit and well.

We have resumed factory & manufacturing operations under the latest

Covid 19 Health & Safety rules & guidelines.

For the sales and management teams it is business as usual. For quotes, current orders,

placing new orders,please make contact through our normal email channels and we will

respond to your enquiry.


Parts of our operation may be operating from home bases for a short period.

These team members are contactable either by email or their personal mobile numbers.

If you need to speak with them directly and they are working away from our factory location

please be advised of the following personal contact phone numbers.

They are:

Kevin: 021 652 208 -

Sheryll: 021 187 1353 -

Karen: 021 997 416 -

Clint: 021 965 101 -

Peter: 021 742 242 -




If there is anything more, we can help you with, please contact us.


Kind Regards,

Peter Shaw.

Managing Director