Ascot 4 Point Chair

The Ascot Chair manufactured by IRL combines New Zealand strength and

quality with Italian design flair.

Available with or without arms


  • The frame is constructed of 25mm round steel with a wall thickness of 1.6mm. 
  • The rounded tube softens the look of the chair, which is aesthetically pleasing without compromising on strength.



  • For strength the Ascot back is T nutted to the frame through 130mmH x 40mmW welded bracket .
  • The back 12mm ply  moulded with 35mm foam covered front and back in fabric which not only adds to the chairs appearance but also improves strength and durability.

3)   Arms are fastened to the frame using screws.  This ensures the arms cannot come loose.

4)   The 4 point chair is able to be stacked with or without arms.

The Ascot range is suitable for reception, dining, and guest applications amongst others.