Lexus Chair

The Lexus chair is economical version of the Apollo Chair 


  • a)   STEEL FRAME.  The fully welded frame is constructed of 32mm round steel with a wall thickness of 1.4mm. The front leg is welded, not bent; this means that overall the chair is stronger and unlikely to collapse in the front at weakened bent junctures.
  • b)   BACK SUPPORT.  The backrest is curved ply shaped to fit the back.  The ply provides maximum strength making it the strongest backrest available on the market.  The back is covered in 3mm MDF, which hides all those unsightly screws enhancing the visual appearance of the chair.

c)   SEAT. The seat features a flat  seat and with foam an overall seat thickness of 100 mm and a width of 530 mm is provided.  The seat is fully supported by the frame for additional strength. This means unequalled comfort for the customer.

2)   CHAIR OPTIONS. The Lexus chair is available with or without arms and in two heights (low 440mm and high 490mm) to suit reception or conference applications.  Chairs with arms can have padded arms attached for additional comfort if required.

3)   Chairs can be finished in any fabric covering and powdercoat finish.  Contact IRL customer services or refer to your price list for relevant details.