MS2 Stacker Chair

The MS2 stacking chair by IRL is the most popular upholstered stacking chair on the market today.  Functional and aesthetically pleasing to complement the existing IRL stacker range.  


  • a)   STEEL FRAME.  The frame is constructed of 19mm square steel tube with a wall thickness of 1.4mm.  The frame is welded to give a consistent high quality of strength.  The front leg is welded, not bent; this means that overall the chair is stronger and unlikely to collapse in the front at weakened bent junctures.
  • b)   UNIQUE BACK SUPPORT.  The backrest is constructed from injection moulded PVC.  This component is the strongest available on the market and is a unique and exclusive feature of the MS2.

2)   The MS2 has a 50mm seat but for additional comfort 75mm seat can be ordered for a small surcharge.

3)   The MS2 Chair is stackable (10 high).

4)   The MS2 stacker also has a number of additions that can be added without limiting the chair’s ability to stack.  These include:

  • a)   Fixed and swivel tablet arms for study use.
  • b)   Links for gang seating arrangements.
  • c)   Hymnals for specialist church requirements.
  • d)   Arms for additional comfort.


As a stackable chair the MS2 can and is used for many type of applications would be suitable for churches, clubs, reception, dining, and guest applications amongst others.

If you have any queries regarding this product please do not hesitate to contact IRL customer services or your local representative for assistance.