Avon Sled Chair

The Avon Chair is a sled base chair that is stackable


  • a)   STEEL FRAME.  The frame is constructed of 16mm round steel with a wall thickness of 1.4mm.  This gives the appearance of a lighter frame, which is aesthetically pleasing without compromising on strength.
  • b)   BACK SUPPORT.  For strength the Avon chair backrest is made of plywood which is fully supported by the chair frame. 
  • c)   ‘T’ nut option in back and seat for additional strength.

2)   The Sled Base frame is designed in two parts so that the seat will not tip if the occupant leans forward but retains the ability of being able to be slid in and out with ease.  In most sled base chairs if the occupant leans forward in the chair it will slip out from under them.

3)   The seat is wider than most sled base chairs on the market at 465mm wide.  The seat is also fully supported by the frame for additional strength.

4)   The chair is of course able to be stacked.


  • a)Avon Chairs can be finished in any fabric covering and are available in a range of powdercoated colours and chrome finishes.
  • b)option with removable tablet with slides in from under seat